Opal Group Inc.

Mine Reclamation

Opal provides a broad spectrum of mine reclamation services including inventorying abandoned mine features, plugging adits and shafts, mitigating acid mine drainage and the migration of heavy metals, rerouting surface water systems, and capping and revegetation. Our investigation and field reclamation work is performed safely and economically.

Mine Reclamation Disciplines
  • Abandoned Mine Features GIS Inventories
  • Reclamation Design
  • Demolition of Mine and Mill Structures
  • Sealing of Adits and Shafts
  • Tailings and Mine Waste Capping
  • Mine Fire Suppression
  • Water Treatment
  • Regrading
  • Revegetation

Mine Reclamation Projects

    Burlington Mine Reclamation- Jamestown, CO

  • Closure of ten acres of surface features of a former underground fluorspar mine with large surface openings and major surface subsidence
  • Demolition of surface mine facilities
  • Consolidation of approximately 32,000 cubic yards (yd3) of waste rock containing high levels of arsenic and other metals in an on-site repository
  • Mucking, cleaning, and backfilling of a main adit, concrete capping of the main shaft and Polyurethane Foam (PUF) sealing of other shafts, and concrete plugging and backfilling of deep subsidence features
  • Relocation of a natural drainage around the site, including channel bedrock blasting, synthetic lining and installation of an aesthetically-designed, grouted riprap and boulder channel surface
  • Filing of a mine pond with 45,000 bird balls to isolate it from wildlife
  • Amendment of soils with lime and topsoil and revegetation
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Environmental Remediation
Environmental Remediation

    Maclean Fire Suppression- Helper, UT

  • Contracted to define the fire front and inject FEM-12, a new fire extinguishing agent into a burning coal mine that had been on fire since the 1940's
  • Performed infrared aerial surveying of the burn area
  • Further defined the fire front using Global Positioning System (GPS) survey of the surficial expressions of the burning fire (cracks, fissures, steam, burnt vegetation) and exploration drilling and injection of FEM-12 with thermocouple installation to monitor heat reduction
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    Maybell Uranium Leach Facility- Maybell, CO

  • Demolition of surface structures
  • Closure of two liquid storage ponds (2.5 acres and 1.1 acres)
  • The stabilization and neutralization of approximately 7,500 cubic yards of radioactive acidic liquids and sludges with 11,000 tons of imported limestone crusher fines
  • Construction of a compacted clay cap to reduce radon flux to regulated levels, requiring 750,000 yd3 of various sizes of earthmoving for materials consolidation, regrading, and capping
  • Approximately, 11,200 yd3 of various sizes of engineered riprap were placed on the heap, over the capped/stabilized areas, and in surface water control structures
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Environmental Remediation