Opal Group Inc.


Opal safely performs demolition of buildings and structures with worker and environmental safety as its foremost concern. Our personnel perform an inventory of residual wastes and equipment prior to demolition and determine the legal and safe, handling and disposal procedures for all materials encountered. Opal segregates recyclable material and salvages equipment and materials for resale to reduce the cost of demolition for our clients.

Demolition Disciplines
  • Materials and Waste Inventorying
  • Permitting
  • ACM Surveying/Removal
  • Universal Waste Removal
  • Salvage/Recycling of Wastes/Materials
  • Demolition
  • Transportation and Disposal
  • Site Restoration

Demolition Projects

Environmental Remediation

    Water Treatment Plant Demolition- Lindsay, OK

  • Water Treatment Equipment consisting of pumps, tanks, piping and other process equipment that was saleable, recyclable or disposable as non-hazardous materials,
  • Universal Wastes such as structural steel, copper wire, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and the iron filings that were sold and recycled,
  • Non-Hazardous Solid Wastes such as wood, insulation, plastic tanks, minor electronic components - not classified as Universal Wastes. Similar wastes having no marketable value or hazardous characteristics generated during demolition were disposed as construction and demolition debris at an offsite, approved landfil,
  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Wastes such as water contained in the sludge thickener or used oils were handled, disposed or recycled as appropriate,
  • Demolition of plant tanks, piping and appurtenant facilities.
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Environmental Remediation

    Asphalt Plant Demolition- Heath, OH

  • Acquired of demolition and storm water discharge permits
  • Removed Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and insulation
  • Removed salvageable equipment and materials
  • Demolished tanks, piping and appurtenant facilities
  • Regraded site
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    Retort Demolition- Parachute, CO

  • Conducted an inspection and hazard assessment of the facility
  • Completed an equipment inventory, including photographs and electronic database
  • Marketed equipment to potential domestic and international buyers
  • Demolished structures and piping to enable access to process equipment
  • Removed and salvage various buildings
  • Staged certain equipment for sale
  • Employed hydraulic shears and blasting, demolish existing retort and process facilities
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Environmental Remediation
Environmental Remediation

    Tank Demolition and Removal- Algona, IA

  • Demolished and removed four Above-ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) up to 50 feet in diameter and 30 feet in height
  • Materials from each tank demolition were salvaged to lower the demolition materials to reduce cost of demolition
  • Disposed of nonhazardous tank contents and wastes in a local landfill
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