Opal Group Inc.


Opal's clients include nationwide Fortune 500 companies and non-regulatory government agencies. These entities retain Opal's services on refineries, manufacturing facilities, mines, resorts, parks and recreation and transportation/terminal facilities. Representative clients include:

ARCO logo ARCO mwlogo Miller-Weingarten Realty, L.L.C.
blmlogo Bureau of Land Management archlogo Mountain Coal Company West Elk Mine
cdotlogo Colorado Dept. of Transportation pwclogo PricewaterhouseCoopers, L.L.P.
e470 logo E-470 Highway Authority rtdlogo Regional Transportation District (TREX)
fhrlogo Flint Hills Resources, L.P. starcorplogo Starwood Corp. (Westin)
gelogo General Electric Company umetco Umetco Minerals Corporation
gplogo Georgia Pacific unocallogo UNOCAL
hblogo Hayward Baker, Inc. utahlogo Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
hertzlogo Hertz Corporation gracelogo W.R. Grace & Company
honeylogo Honeywell International, Inc. westlogo Western Refining Yorktown, Inc.
invistalogo INVISTA westonlogo Weston Solutions, Inc
kochlogo Koch Industries