Opal Group Inc.

Maybell Uranium Heap Leach Facility

Umetco Minerals Corporation

Maybell, CO

Umetco Minerals Corporation (subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company) selected Opal to demolish surface structures, close two liquid storage ponds (2.5 acres and 1.1 acres) and complete rock surfacing of its former uranium heap leach facility in Maybell, Colorado, located approximately 27 miles west of the town of Craig. This $1.03 million project included the stabilization and neutralization of approximately 7,500 cubic yards of radioactive acidic liquids and sludges with 11,000 tons of imported limestone crusher fines. The stabilized and neutralized mixture was consolidated in the former winter storage pond, and a compacted clay cap was installed to reduce radon flux to regulated levels. More than 750,000 cubic yards of earthmoving was performed. In addition to the earthwork, approximately 11,200 cubic yards of various sizes of engineered riprap were placed on the heap, capped/stabilized areas and used to construct surface water controls as part of the reclamation plan.



Services/Descriptions/Materials: Waste Stabilization & Neutralization