Opal Group Inc.


Since it's inception in 2000, Opal has had a flawless record of no reportable accidents or incidents. We attribute this above-average record to our formal company health and safety program, project-specific plans and health and safety officers for each project. Opal's Health and Safety program includes pre- and post-work physical examinations for our field workers as appropriate, routine medical monitoring during the course of a project in accordance with the specific requirements of that project, and daily morning tailgate meetings to review the activities of the day and their associated safety hazards and corresponding worker precautions. Opal's Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has always been less than 1.0.

All field employees are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 40-Hour Hazwoper-trained and provided with annual 8-Hour health and safety refresher courses. Opal utilizes ClickSafety, an Internet Service Provider of these types of refresher courses for this purpose while in the field.

In addition to its company health and safety and project-specific plans, Opal has a formal financial award safety incentive plan that motivates its field personnel to perform work in a safe manner.