Opal Group Inc.

Sullivan's Ledge Superfund Site

Sullivan’s Ledge Project Management Committee

New Bedford, MA

The Sullivan’s Ledge Superfund Site is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in a highly commercialized and recreational area. The site was a former quarry that was used to dispose both municipal sanitary and industrial wastes.  The closure of the site required extensive coordination with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region I, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, an active citizens group, Potentially Responsible Parties, the City of New Bedford, and an adjacent municipal golf course. The closure of Sullivan’s Ledge Superfund Site Operable Unit was performed in three phases and project managed by Opal, Inc. personnel.

The remediation included the following source removal and ground water treatment elements:


Type of Work: Work Plans, Source Removal, PCB's, VOC's, metals, Lining, Ground Water Extraction, Slurry Wall,

Size: 13 acres, 400 ft slurry wall

Services: Engineering, Civil Construction, Water Treatment

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