Opal Group Inc.

Refinery Corrective Measures Implementation

Western Refining Yorktown, Inc.

Yorktown, VA

Opal Group, Inc. evaluated an existing RCRA Corrective Measures Implementation (CMI) program for a petroleum refinery. On the basis of the evaluation, Opal identified significant technical and financial concerns with respect to the original design, presented those concerns to the client along with cost-benefit comparisons of implementing changes and was subsequently retained by the client to replace a prior consulting firm and redesign and oversee all remaining Corrective Measures. Opal personnel negotiated the changes with EPA Region III representatives, redesigned the second phase of the CMI, prepared all Work Plans and Health and Safety Plans, conducted additional focused field investigations, prepared detailed AutoCAD Civil 3D design/construction drawings and project specifications, and provided construction oversight for the work, including quality control and facility air quality monitoring.

The revised CMI included the construction of a 12-acre Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) and consolidation of wastes in the CAMU from nine primary Solid Waste Management Units and one Area of Concern (AOC). The SWMU's included sludge-filled, unlined surface water retention and equalization basins, tank farm soils and dikes and other refinery process areas and systems. Opal personnel conducted additional investigations to supplement previously collected data and support the changes and negotiations with the regulatory agencies. The modifications included: melding the original three-cell, 12-acre CAMU into a single repository with larger capacity and easier lines and grades to construct; incorporation of a 1.5 acre, synthetically-lined temporary storm water retention basin to prevent large quantities of contaminated sediments from running into the York River; and cement-stabilization of oily soils and sediments from the API separator, Filter Backwash Pond (FBP), Storm Water Retention Pond (SWRP) and Equalization Basin (EQB). The CAMU was reconfigured and slope stability, infiltration (i.e. HELP Model) and other design evaluations were performed as part of this work. The CAMU's multi-media cap included 60-mil High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Geo-Net drainage layer, soil barriers, and vegetative soil cover. As part of this work Opal developed, installed and implemented a Perimeter Air Monitoring Plan (PAMP), including computer-automated air quality monitoring stations.

Opal was also the Prime Contractor for the second phase television inspection, cleaning, lining and repair of the Oily Water Sewer (OWS) system. This project included the cleaning and television inspection of the refinery's 10,000 foot-long OWS system and the removal and disposal of the sludges and sediments from that operation. The removed waste materials were disposed within the CAMU.

Services/Disciplines/Materials:Cap, CMI, Corrective Measures Implementation, Liner, Petroleum, RCRA, Refinery, Repository, Sewer, Site Investigation, Solidification, SMMU