Opal Group Inc.

GE Superfund Site


Albuquerque, NM

This 100-acre Superfund site project involved remediation of soils and groundwater contaminated by chlorinated organic solvents for GE's Plant 83, Operable Unit 02. Opal's personnel were originally retained to design, construct, and operate two groundwater remediation systems for this Superfund site on a design/build basis to comply with the Record of Decision (ROD). Most recently Opal has rerouted and installed ground water extraction and reinjection well field piping as various areas of the ground water plumes have been cleaned. Work on this project included:

Design and construction involved placing over a mile of dual-containment HDPE pipe in trench networks over the 100-acre area, several road cuts and a custom conveyance pipe rack constructed along the side of a bridge


Type of Work: Ground Water, Design/Build, Pump and Treat

Size: 1.8 million gallons per day

Services: Environmental Remediation

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