Opal Group Inc.

Water Treatment Plant Demolition

Royal Hardage Superfund Site

Lindsay, OK

Opal was retained to coordinate the decommissioning and perform the field demolition activities, including demolition and waste removal, metals recycling, and marketable equipment sale for a groundwater treatment plant at the Royal Hardage Superfund Site in Lindsay, OK.

The project included removal and decontamination of water treatment equipment consisting of pumps, tanks, piping and other process equipment that was saleable, recyclable or disposable as non-hazardous materials.

The treatment building and the truck loadout/decontamination area remained in place after select equipment was removed. A second treatment plant (NAPL building) was demolished down to its foundation slab and debris disposed offsite or salvaged. Storage tanks, a thermal oxidation unit and pipe racks between the buildings were also demolished. Decommissioning of the NAPL building and select equipment within the WTP building was in accordance with a court approved proposed modification remedy.


Services/Disciplines/Materials: Demolition, Transportation and Disposal, Remediation