Opal Group Inc.

Asphalt Plant Demolition

Confidential Client

Heath, OH

Opal was retained to demolish a former asphalt plant for future sale of the property including an office building, laboratory and maintenance shop. The project included:

  1. Acquisition of demolition and storm water discharge permits,
  2. Removal of salvageable equipment,
  3. Removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and insulation,
  4. Demolition of plant tanks, piping and appurtenant facilities, and regrading of the site.

Products remaining within the tanks and plant facilities were removed and disposed in accordance with their chemical and physical characteristics and applicable regulations. Fifty tanks ranging in size up to 3.2 million gallons, 118 feet in diameter, and 40 feet high were demolished and removed from the site. Salvageable materials including steel, aluminum and asphalt were transported from the site by truck and rail and sold to partially off-set the cost of demolition and decommissioning of the plant.


Services/Disciplines/Materials: Demolition, Transportation and Disposal, Asbestos, ACM Abatement, Soil Remediation