Opal Group Inc.

Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparge Design

Aztec, NM

The Service Station is an active fueling station and convenience store. In 1992 a confirmed release was reported to the petroleum storage tank bureau of the NMED. Subsequent cleanup activities, consisting of the removal of free product and soil vapor extraction/air sparging, took place primarily within the highway downstream of the site. Remediation continued until 1998 when the NMED concluded remediation levels had been reached. The client retained Opal Group, Inc. to design, install, and operate a SVE/Air Sparge system to prevent potential residual petroleum products in the soils and groundwater on the property from migrating offsite.

Opal’s design and management responsibilities included:


Type of Construction: Soil Vapor Extraction, Remediation Design, Air Sparging

Size: 5 Extraction wells, 5 Sparging Wells

Services: Environmental Remediation

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