Opal Group Inc.

Tank Farm 145 Jet Fuel Remediation/Stapleton Redevelopment Center

Weston Solutions, Inc. / City and County of Denver

Denver, CO

Opal removed asphalt pavement, segregated a potable water supply line and installed a new 800-ft 8-inch diameter water line around a former United Airlines jet fuel tank farm at the former Stapleton airport. Once the line was relocated, Opal excavated more than 45,000 cubic yards (yd3) of soils from an approximate 200-ft x 200-ft area. Clean soils were segregated and stockpiled from those materials that were contaminated. Approximately 9,770 yd3 of contaminated soils were transported off-site and disposed in an approved facility. The approximate 30-foot deep excavation was then backfilled with clean compacted soils, including the previously segregated materials.


Services/Descriptions/Materials:Disposal, Jet Fuel, Petroleum, Transportation, Water Line