Opal Group Inc.

Petroleum Contaminated Soils Solidification and Capping

Former Texaco Refinery

Port Arthur, TX

Opal Group, Inc. refined partial designs and implemented Corrective Measures to cement-stabilize more than 12,500 cubic yards (yd3) of petroleum-contaminated soils and place a compacted soil cover over the stabilized materials at this specialty petroleum refinery. As part of this work, 1,500 lineal feet of dikes surrounding an 80,000 barrel cyclohexane storage tank were raised approximately two feet to provide additional containment capacity and the bottom of the containment area was similarly stabilized. Total project billings exceeded $1 million. Earthwork was performed to a tolerance of 0.10 feet and was complex due to the extensive presence of underground fire water lines, steam piping, cyclohexane product lines and surface structures, including firewater monitors and pipe racks. Portions of the excavation were performed using Level B Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Work was performed under an order from the Texas Department of Environmental Quality


Services/Descriptions/Materials: Soil Stabilization