Opal Group Inc.

Resort Pool Replacement

Westin Hotels (Starwood Resorts, Inc.)

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

This project consisted primarily of the fast-track design and construction of a new swimming pool at a five-star resort on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Opal personnel negotiated a cost-reimbursable incentive-based target value contract to perform this challenging and time-constrained project. Opal personnel were directly responsible for the construction and construction management for this work.

The 100-foot by 100-foot pool with adjacent whirlpools, required redesign and replacement within a 3-1/2-month period to coincide with the reopening of the resort. The project included demolition and removal of the existing 4-1/2-foot deep structurally distressed swimming pool that had been damaged by the effects of consolidating soft foundation soils and a recent hurricane. Demolition materials were disposed along the property boundary of the resort in a controlled manner to create a landscaped visual barrier. Permits to construct the pool as well as to allow beach landings of materials and equipment were obtained in an expedited manner.

Following removal of the demolished concrete rubble, fifty-eight 60-foot-long steel H-piles were driven down to bedrock to support the structurally designed concrete pool and allow the foundation soils to consolidate below the pool bottom. A cathodic protection system was installed to preclude corrosion of the pile foundations driven through both fresh and salt waters. Approximately 850 cubic yards of concrete were mixed in a yard approximately two miles from the site and transported using small concrete transport trucks. The structural concrete was reinforced with more than five miles and 220,000 pounds of epoxy-coated reinforcing bar. The 400,000-gallon pool was finished in a Diamond-Brite coating with marble tile and stone coping. A state-of-the-art fiber-optic lighting system, fountain and internal palm-tree landscaped islands were included as part of the pool replacement. As part of the renovation, two complementary 15-foot by 15-foot whirlpool-type (Jacuzzi) below-grade hot tubs were installed on either side of the main pool and the pool pumps and filters were replaced and upgraded. Work was completed the day prior to the resort reopening.


Type of Work: Demolition, Deep Pile Foundations, Flatwork, Fast-Track Target-Value Incentive Contract

Size: 40 Stations

Services: Demolition, Civil Construction

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