Opal Group Inc.

Brine Pit Closure, Decommissioning and Demolition of Appurtenant Structures

Flint Hills Resources, L.P.

Odessa, TX

Brine pit closure, decommissioning and demolition of appurtenant structures at an FHR former polymer manufacturing facility. The closure of the 272-ft x 246-ft x 11-ft deep brine pit consisted of the relocation of approximately 1,430 cubic yards of salt from the brine pit into an adjacent operating brine pit impoundment.

Obsolete steel and HDPE conveyance lines removal and blind-flanging was done by Opal personnel certified in fusing HDPE pipe. Additionally, various appurtenant structures were removed and segregated into disposal stockpiles.

Opal removed approximately 7,500 sf of multi-media liner containing six layers of materials, including fiberglass, geotextile, 30-mil HDPE and 60-mil HDPE layers. A leachate detection system was removed, rinsed, and stockpiled for transportation for disposal along with the consolidated liner pieces. The liner and other demolished materials were disposed as special wastes in an offsite industrial landfill.

Approximately 16,500 yd3 of borrow material was excavated, hauled, placed, and compacted in the former location of the brine pit. Grading and seeding were completed to prevent ponding of precipitation and direct storm runoff.


Services/Disciplines/Materials:Closure, Decommissioning and Demolition of Appurtenant Structures