Opal Group Inc.

MCC CERCLA Demolition and Capping

Muskegon Chemical Company

Whitehall, MI

Opal Group, Inc. was contracted to demolish and dispose of associated materials from the Muskegon Chemical Company (MCC) CERCLA Site in Whitehall, Michigan. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and the Muskegon Chemical Company entered into a consent agreement to install various corrective measures including soil vapor extraction and air purging systems. 

As part of the corrective measures, Opal demolished the facility and installed an impervious geosynthetic cap over the footprint of the former building to prevent precipitation and snowmelt from infiltrating the underlying soils.  Preparatory work including asbestos surveys and removal, spent carbon analyses and removal, and relocation of equipment used for on-going remedial activities was also performed by Opal.  Facility demolition and capping was completed in January 2006.


Services/Descriptions/Materials: Cap, Demolition, CERCLA, Liner