Opal Group Inc.

UST Soil Removal - Rental Car Facility

Hertz Corporation

Denver, CO

Opal excavated 6,033 cubic yards of petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soils from a rental car facility at the former Stapleton Airport in Denver, CO. A deep excavation, extending more than 55 feet below the existing ground surface was performed across an approximate 60-ft x 60-ft area at the surface. Opal segregated clean from contaminated soils and loaded the contaminated materials along with buried debris on to more than 377 trucks for transportation to, and disposal at, Waste Management, Inc.’s D.A.D.S. waste disposal landfill in Aurora, CO. Once all contaminated soils had been removed, Opal replaced the excavated soils with a compacted granular backfill so that the site could later be reused as part of the City of Denver’s Stapleton Redevelopment Plan. Surrounding areas were treated by peroxide injection.


Services/Disciplines/Materials: Disposal, Petroleum, Transportation