Opal Group Inc.

Glengarry Mine Reclamation

U. S. D. A. - Forest Service - Gallatin National Forest

Cooke City, MT

Opal provided surface support for the underground Phase III - Glengarry Mine Closure of the New World Mine proximate to Yellowstone National Park. Primary closure activities involved the mucking, grouting, plugging and backfilling of the first 1,500 feet (460 meters) of the mine tunnel. Opal’s activities consisted of construction of a muck dewatering pad, sedimentation pond and approximate 75-ft x 100-ft muck storage pad at the Selective Source Repository. The dewatering pad included a 30-ft x 30-ft lined and baffled sediment removal pit. Once dewatered, Opal subsequently hauled the muck, containing elevated concentrations of heavy metals, to the muck storage pad. A total of 459 cubic yards (yd3) of muck was ultimately stored on the pad.


Services/Disciplines/Materials:Liner, Mine, Reclamation, Sedimentation Pond