Opal Group Inc.

Potable Water Supply Installation

Confidential Client

Dodge City, KS

Opal completed the design and installed a 7,500-ft long 3-inch diameter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) SDR 11 water line to supply potable water to residences from the City of Dodge City's water main from Highway 50 along County Road 116. The water line required deep directional drilling and installation of 366 feet of six-inch-diameter (6-in) epoxy-coated protective steel casing where the line crossed beneath a railroad right-of-way. Directionally-drilled casing was also employed where the line crossed a county road. After its installation and connections to the water main and residences, the line was flushed, pressure-tested and disinfected by the addition of chlorine.


Services/Disciplines/Materials:Permitting, Engineering Design, Waterline Replacement, Deep Excavation, Boring