Opal Group Inc.

Removal of Petroleum Contaminated Soils

Chemical Petroleum Exchange

Forest View, IL

Opal excavated soils contaminated by lead, arsenic, petroleum hydrocarbons and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from around various building and tank ring foundations at an active asphalt production facility. The facility located at 5700 West 41st Street was ten acres in size and was formerly operated as bulk liquids and fuel terminal. The areas subject to excavation were defined as areas of soil having chemical concentrations that exceeded the Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO) Tier 1.

Opal excavated more than 2,094 cubic yards (yd3) of soils from the facility which were transported off-site in 271 truckloads for disposal. A total of 2,498 tons of contaminated soils and demolished concrete materials were disposed at the Calumet Industrial Disposal (CID) facility. The excavations were then backfilled with clean compacted soils and road base.


Services/Disciplines/Materials: Arsenic, Excavation, Disposal, Lead, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, PAH, Petroleum, Transportation