Opal Group Inc.

Methanol Unloading Facility

Beaumont Methanol, Ltd. Partnership

Beaumont, TX

Opal personnel managed the construction of a barge unloading dock at an active chemical facility. The project included dredging of approximately 10,000 cubic yards of river sediments from the Neeches River channel for the new methanol unloading facility. The barge dock is concrete supported by concrete pilings. The location of the dock is approximately 20 feet from the riverbank. Six dolphins, three breasting dolphins and three bumper dolphins for the barge tie-up were also installed as part of this work.

The concrete dock has maximum dimensions of 58 feet by 20 feet, is located over water and supported by 14-inch square-driven concrete piling. The components include four concrete bents that support precast concrete girders. The deck has a poured-in-place concrete slab with the vapor skid pad, loading arms pad, containment curbs, and a sump.

The dock required installation of six 36-inch steel pipe dolphins, 95 feet in length, driven to a depth of 70 feet below the bottom elevation of the barge slip. The top 30 feet of pipe was coated with a corrosion-resistant coating. The dolphins are equipped with bumpers and mooring ties.


Services/Disciplines/Materials:Dock, Harbor Construction, Barge Unloading Facility, Dredging, Marine, Piles, Dolphins